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Lebanon needs air defense system to repel repeated violations of sovereignty by rogue state Israel

Israeli jets carried out several waves of attacks, launching a total of 45 missiles first in daylight on Sunday and then again for 55 minutes after midnight. The Israeli attack on multiple Syrian targets coincided with the one day Arab Economic and Social Development Summit which began on Sunday in Beirut. Israel is known for its hidden and double messages – it was no coincidence that its violation of the Lebanese airspace and bombing of Syria came during the Arab Summit. The weakness of the Lebanese political system, hostage to Arab and international moods and threats, prevents the country from having its own air defence system to protect and preserve its sovereignty: it also makes it harder for Israel to bomb Syria. Sources on the ground claim that “Syria has responded by firing five precision missiles against several Israeli military targets but only one was intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome. This may explain the first of its kind Israeli intensive attack against random multiple…

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