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IDF terrorist announces PM candidacy, touting number of Palestinians he murdered and bombed into ‘stone age’ during war on Gaza

Israeli history is filled with terrorists who became Prime Minister. While pre-state Jewish terror leaders of the Irgun and Stern Gang, Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir, are often noted as the obvious examples, master-ethnic-cleanser David Ben-Gurion should also be remembered as such, and there are those who have created their own terrorist legacy in state-terror, such as Ariel Sharon. Now comes another candidate: Benjamin (‘Benny’) Gantz. Gantz, former Israeli army Chief of Staff (2011-2015), is challenging Benjamin Netanyahu for the Prime Minister post in the upcoming April elections, and doing it from the supposed ‘left’. Gantz commanded two of Israel’s large-scale onslaughts on Gaza after Hamas was elected in 2006: the 2012 “Operation Pillar of Defense” (“Pillar of Cloud” in Hebrew), and the biggest and most murderous onslaught to date, the 2014 “Operation Protective Edge” (“Mighty Cliff” in Hebrew), which according to the UN killed 2,251 Palestinians, including 1,462…

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